3 Best Turkey Broadheads

Mar 25, 2019

There are many opinions about what makes the best turkey broadhead. Some like to use the same archery broadhead they use for big game hunting because their bow is tuned for that particular head. Some like a mechanical with a larger cutting diameter to maximize shock and damage to a turkey’s vitals. And some like to go as far as dulling the blades of an archery broadhead, or putting a small game stopper behind the broadhead, or lowering their draw weight to make their equipment less efficient.

Choosing the best turkey broadhead is all about creating a big hole, and not so much about a clean pass-through. An arrow that does not pass though is a benefit, as it hinders flight and running escapes. By nature, a turkey help absorb the energy of your arrow. They are small and absorb some of the impact. But, you also need to use a broadhead that will pierce the considerable shield of feathers, wing quills and fiber of a turkey.

In the end, it all comes down to shot placement. An arrow, even if it passes through the bird, delivered to the vitals with a large cutting diameter broadhead is sure to result in a quick death. It is in cases of bad shots when an arrow is left in the bird that will make recovering a wounded turkey easier. Pick a broadhead, tune your bow to shoot like a laser and get ready to stack some turkey this spring.

Here are some of the best turkey broadheads for whatever bow you may shoot:

1. Z-Force Turkey Broadhead

The 1 5/8-inch cutting diameter of the Z-Force makes a great turkey broadhead since it creates a better chance of inflicting the kind of damage needed for a clean kill and recovery of a gobbler. It can be a huge benefit for bowhunters who do everything right until, for whatever reason, they release an arrow slightly off target. The huge cutting diameter is what you want because the kill zones – whether it is a heart/lung, neck, or spine shot – are so small on a turkey.

2. Jak-Hammer Turkey Broadhead

Similar to the Z-Force, the large cutting diameter of the Jak-Hammer (1 3/4-inch) helps you make a quick and clean kill. The angle of blades of both the Jak-Hammer and the Z-Force, when fully deployed, efficiently slice through the armor of a turkey and do major damage to the vitals.

3. Hammer SST Turkey Broadhead

If you prefer fixed-blade heads, the Hammer SST is great for turkeys. Its 1-3/16-inch cutting diameter is perfect for using in states with broadhead regulations prohibit mechanical broadheads or for using with traditional bows delivering lower kinetic energy.

In general, turkeys are hard to hunt with archery equipment. Make it a little easier and select the right Wasp broadhead this spring.

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