Best Broadheads for Black Bear Hunting

What’s the best broadhead for hunting black bears? Is it a mechanical? Is it a fixed-blade? The answer is both, as long as it’s a Wasp, and it fits your bowhunting rig.

Hunters who bear hunt around North America use our broadheads with confidence. It’s not so much the style of broadhead used, but the quality. Yes, some bear outfitters and guides restrict their clients from using mechanical broadheads. But that’s due to the amount of crappy mechanicals on the market.

The Wasp Jak-Hammer, a 3-blade mechanical broadhead with a 1 ¾” cutting diameter debuted 20 years ago in 1996. The Jak-Knife, a new 2-blade mechanical broadhead with a 2+” cutting diameter from Wasp Archery, is just as the proven as the Jak-Hammer. It uses the same deployment system, the same SST Tip and the same ferrule. As long as you have the power to push the wide-cutting blades through a bear, these mechanical broadheads are a top choice.

See what a Jak-Knife did to this bear:



“The Jak-Knife performed flawlessly,” said Dave Watson of Mathews TV. “I hadn’t even put my bow down yet and that bear was moaning. That was one of the fastest kills I have ever made. I got a total pass-through and found my arrow 50 yards beyond where I made the shot. I’ve never had a broadhead do that ever.”

Bowhunters drawing back less than 60 pounds or using a lighter, flatter flying arrow will see the field-point flight mechanical broadheads are known with the fixed-blade Wasp Drone.

John and Jenn Rivet are big game hunting outfitters in Canada. They have guided hundreds of clients on archery black bear hunts and will scream from the mountaintops that the Drone is the best broadhead on the market today.

Again, we have video of the Drone on one of their recent hunts. The Drone went through and ended up 10 yards past the bear. He went 50 yards and expired in seconds.



“As one of the premier bear outfitters in Canada we've seen a lot of Broadheads succeed and fail over the last 28 years.” said John Rivet. “With all that knowledge compiled, we recommend Wasp Broadheads.”

The Rivets choose to shoot the Wasp Drone because of its all steel construction, razor sharp blades and stainless steel trocar tip.

“Jenn and I refuse to use nothing but the best,” said Rivet. “On both of our 2015 black bear harvests, the Drone performed flawlessly with clean pass-throughs. Both bears expired in just a few seconds.”

No matter which type of broadhead you choose, make sure it has the quality Wasp Archery is known for delivering over the past 45 years. We have cured the symptoms that have plagued lesser quality fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads. The knock on fixed-blade broadheads has always been 'they don’t fly well." The Drone will fly just like your field tips if your bow is tuned.

The complaints about our competitors' mechanical broadheads have been that they don’t open with reliability and disintegrate if they meet bone. The Jak-Hammer has been busting bone since 1996 and the Jak-Knife is doing the same since it was released. The O-ring deployment system has been proven as the most effective and reliable opening method for a mechanical broadhead.

Don’t decide whether you should shoot mechanical or fixed-blade broadheads for black bear hunting. Instead, decide on Wasp and shoot what you feel most comfortable with.