Bowhunting Coyotes

The best time to hunt coyotes with archery equipment is during the winter, a time when cabin fever is at its peak and animals are vulnerable to the call of an easy meal. Predator hunting also fills the void between deer and turkey seasons, and it continues to grow in popularity.

Hunting coyotes with a bow isn’t easy, but it sure is a thrill. Many bowhunters opt to use archery tackle instead of firearms because of the additional challenge and excitement of outwitting such a keen animal. Here are some tips to consider if you accept the challenge.

Tuning Your Bow for Predator Hunting

Most coyote hunting is done on ground level in cold weather. Nearly every shot opportunity will present itself quickly. You need to draw your bow back stealthily and at times hold for a considerable amount of time. To make it easier, adjust your draw weight so you can hold in full draw as long as possible. Don’t go below 45 pounds to assure you have enough arrow speed so your target does not jump the string.

Although you may be shooting less poundage, it is still very important to have a flat shooting and well-tuned arrow and broadhead. What you use for deer will certainly get the job done, but consider a Z-Force mechanical head. It flies with the accuracy of a field point with a 1-5/8” cutting diameter.

Become the Hunted

Hunting coyotes and other predators with a bow can be tough because you’ve got to convince them that they are coming in for a meal or to find a mate, which means you must set a realistic scene with decoys and calls. Remote controlled, electronic calls, as well as hand and mouth calls, are all good options. Since you can hunt a few yards away from the remote calling device, incoming predators will focus on the sounds and not you.

When a coyote hears the calls of a mate or prey, they scan the terrain for any movement. Use a Montana Decoy Miss Hoptober when using a rabbit-in-distress call, and a Kojo coyote decoy when using mating calls. When using an electronic call, set the decoy right next to it, but use a mouth call from cover.

Many bowhunters say once they try hunting coyotes, it becomes something they look forward to. It keeps your archery skills sharp before turkey season and you may just find that the rush and excitement of bowhunting predators is the ultimate hunting experience.