Bowhunting Practice Tip: Talk to Yourself

Summer is a great time to work on your archery form so your broadheads will fly true in the fall. As you draw, release and repeat this summer, consider silently talking to yourself before every shot. We know it may seem crazy, but let us explain.

There’s a scene in the movie For Love of the Game where pitcher, Billy Chapel, played by (you guessed it), Kevin Costner, gets himself focused by saying, “clear the mechanism.” As soon as he says it, all distractions are filtered. The crowd noise, the pitching mistakes he’s made in the past and the batter at the plate doesn’t affect him. He is in the zone and all he can see is his target: the catcher’s glove. We’re not film critics, we are bowhunters and broadhead manufacturers, and so even though some viewers may find the scene to be cheesy, it resonates with us hunting fanatics.

Maybe you already have a ritual that keeps your attention on your execution and keeps you from thinking about bad shots in the past, how much you are sweating or shivering, or the how big the antlers of the deer you are about to harvest may be. It doesn’t matter, because a simple phrase puts you in the zone.

Talk yourself through the shot. It could be something like, “draw…settle the pin…release.” If you really want to get really Star Warzy, try something like “engage the force…acquire the target…may the force be with my arrow…release!” Whatever it is, make it a habit every time you release an arrow. It’s one more way to focus on your form and inhibit buck fever or other interruptions from affecting your accuracy.

Give talking to yourself a shot as you practice this summer. You may find your broadheads find the target better. For other bowhunting practice tips, check out these videos