Broadheads Made In America Since 1971

As you follow the campaigns of the presidential candidates in this election year, one topic that seems to refrain over and over is the need to bring manufacturing back to the United States and, with it, manufacturing jobs. But some iconic companies, like Wasp Archery, have never left the shores of America. Our broadheads have been made in America since the company was founded in 1971.

Wasp is proud to be an American manufacturer. The provenance of our broadheads are not simply how or who makes them but also how it is made, crafted or finished, and its entire journey from inception to store. The design of our broadheads, the manufacturing, quality control and packaging is all performed at our factory in Connecticut. The benefits do not stop there though.

We are more than a broadhead company. We are hunters, too. We believe in creating great experiences in the field, and being so accessible to our customers gives us the chance to hear your hunting stories and feedback about our products. We wake up every morning with one goal: To make you a better hunter. We are listening to what you say and that allows us to build better broadheads to meet your needs.

We’ve heard thousands of stories and love them all. What we have fallen short on is telling you our story. We will be writing some more in-depth blogs about the process Wasp uses to create “The Ultimate Broadhead.” Our close relationship with our customers helps us carry on one of the greatest traditions in America. The tradition of hunting game with a bow, arrow and broadhead runs deep in our culture and Wasp Archery is pleased to be a part of it.