New 2-Blade Mechanical Broadheads

Plagued by failure, 2-blade mechanical broadheads have received their fair share of criticism. As the company that created the most trusted 3-blade mechanical broadhead in 1995, wanted to provide a more reliable 2-blade mechanical with a stronger construction than what is currently on the market today. Where there’s smoke there's fire, and our competitor’s 2-blade broadheads have not received stellar reviews on chat forums.

Every hunter has a preference, whether it be for 4-blade, 3-blade, 2-blade, fixed, or mechanical. In order to meet the needs of 2-blade hunters, we recently released a pair of the strongest and most reliable 2 blade mechanicals on the market. Meet the Jak-Knife and Dueler:










Cutting Diameter



Blade Thickness




Wasp Jak-Knife

Built with the same structure as the best selling mechanical broadhead of all-time, the Jak-knife features 2 thick blades blades held in place by a neoprene O-ring system which has worked flawlessly since 1995. With a stainless steel trocar tip and over 2 inches in cutting diameter, it has proven to bust through bone and leaves a devastating wound channel. Unlike other mechanicals on the market, this broadhead properly deploys without fail and is strong enough to withstand multiple kill shots.

Wasp Dueler

Many bowhunters prefer to use a different broadhead depending on the type of game they are hunting. Designed with Select-A-Cut technology, the Dueler can go from turkey season to deer season with the simple rotation of a washer. No longer will you have to buy multiple broadheads to match game and worry about additional tuning. Simply set your preferred diameter at 1.5” or 2+” and hit the field. If you shoot 60-65 pounds, you can shoot the dueler at 1.5” during the fall for whitetail and crank it up to 2” for turkeys in the Spring. All other features of this broadhead align with the reliable Jak-Knife, featuring a stainless steel trocar tip and .036” thick blades.

Remember that all Wasp Broadheads are made in America with all-American raw materials. We have done it this way for over 40 years and will never change. We know hunters appreciate the quality of an American-made broadhead. Now hunters can finally find this quality and confidence in a reliable 2-blade mechanical broadhead from Wasp Archery.