New Broadhead, Proven Process

Before taking a couple days off for Christmas, the Wasp Archery factory is a beehive of activity. We are filling holiday orders and putting the finishing touches on the packaging design of our new broadheads, soon to be announced in 2014. Wrapping up these small details is the last steps of creating a new broadhead. What started as an idea will soon be in archery stores soon. There was a lot of work to assure the final product can be called The Ultimate Broadhead™.

Changing a design or creating a new broadhead just for the heck of it is not the kind of company we are. Many of our best-selling broadheads today have been in hunter’s quivers for 15-20 years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But to be a leader of broadhead innovation, our mission is to create the best broadhead for every type of hunter, from men, women and youth, to compound, crossbow and traditional archers. We listen to consumer requests via emails, social media and conversations at shows. In 2014, the new broadheads fill a gap. We have made 100% steel-constructed broadheads in the crossbow and mechanical broadhead categories, but not the fixed-blade category. Until now.

After we’ve recognized there’s a need for a new Wasp broadhead, we start the design and testing phase. It’s a lengthy process, but we love it. Drawings are made, prototypes are produced and stuff gets shot. Tweaking the design until we have found the perfect balance of flight characteristics, strength and cutting/penetration power that passes our rigorous tests is gratifying – especially when it sets a new standard in broadhead design. It was exciting to work with a new material in our fixed-blade line because we were able to drastically reduce the surface area of the broadhead, while still maintaining its strength. Once the design it perfected, it’s time to get it in bowhunter’s hands.

A name, packaging, catalogs, press releases all need to be created for the new broadhead. While this is being worked on, we have hunters in the field using the new broadheads and reporting back to us, and you can read one of those reports here. We make sure our products do what we say they do because word-of-mouth is our greatest promotional tool, not some celebrity paid to tell you what broadhead you should shoot. You don’t become the longest established broadhead manufacturer by deceiving others. You do it by building trust. In 2014, when you see our new broadheads on the shelf, you know you can trust it.

We’ve been making broadheads in America for 43 years and our process of designing, testing and selling the most innovative products is proven.