New Broadhead Tests

In 2014, Bowhunters will see new broadheads on the shelf from Wasp Archery. Usually, we keep our new broadhead designs quiet until they are available to hunters, but we are so excited about the new broadheads, we couldn’t wait to talk about them before their release.

Wasp Archery has shown its innovative spirit for the past 40 years. From designing the first replaceable-blade broadhead in 1972 to the recently released, Z-Force – the first mechanical broadhead to use a ball-bearing deployment system, Wasp Archery continues to change the face of bowhunting. Using American quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity, we are the longest established broadhead manufacturer in America. Our products have always been and are still made in the USA.

This year, we went back to our roots and created a fixed-blade broadhead that will add even more weight to our name and reputation: Wasp Archery: The Makers of The Ultimate Broadhead™. The new broadhead takes proven elements from our current designs, such as, an SST tip and our famously sharp stainless-steel blades. We spared nothing when it came to the precision, materials and craftsmanship of the new broadhead.

So far, the broadhead has passed the rigorous testing phase with flying colors. We started with durability and strength testing, which consisted of shooting the broadhead from a crossbow – so we could put a lot of speed behind it – into layers of plywood. Basically, we tortured it to make sure it could stand up to the task of penetrating bone and cartilage. Going into the test, we knew the materials and design of the broadhead would prove to make it tough as nails, and we were right. Then we used ballistic gel and deer hide to make sure the blades are cutting and penetrating like they should. Again, the design is so straightforward, we weren’t surprised with the results.  We measured the diameter of entry wounds and wound channels, as well as penetration from a range of bow speeds. Once we were sure of the reliability and strength, we tested arrow flight in a wide range of shooting scenarios – crosswinds, tailwinds, headwinds, you name it. We compared it to the flight of field points shot from the same bow and were really pleased how this broadhead patterned. It was time for a field test.

Wasp Archery pro-staffer, Steve Johnson, put the new broadhead to work this season. He reports pass-throughs on every shot with this head, even when going through ribs. He has taken three deer with the new broadhead and none have stayed on their feet long after being shot.

This new broadhead is where ultimate simplicity meets precise craftsmanship to create an ultra-strong and accurate broadhead. Look for it in our online store and at dealers in 2014.