Practicing with the Z-Force

Wasp Archery is holding a contest on our Facebook page. To enter, we asked fans to give their best tip for preparing for opening day. It is no surprise most of the suggestions so far are related to practicing with your broadheads. A bowhunter’s chances to deploy a broadhead at an animal can be few and far between. It is an archers responsibility to make sure any shot made will result in a humane kill and bring reward to all the work that led up to that one shot. Wasp makes it easy for bowhunters to practice during the offseason with the same broadheads they will be using in the field.

“Wasp created a practice system for the Z-Force that holds the blades in the same position they are held in ‘kill mode,’” said Zach Weaver, designer of the Z-Force. “The steel retaining practice washer used while practicing is the same weight as the plastic clip and washer used while hunting.”

In the packaging of the Z-Force you will find directions, but to setting up the Z-Force as a practice broadhead is easy. All you need to do is remove the washer and plastic retainer already installed and install the practice washer aligning the holes with the back of blades. Then thoroughly tighten the broadhead to arrow.

With the practice washer installed, the blades will not deploy on impact. This will increase the life of your target and make arrow removal easier, while still allowing observation of broadhead flight and the discovery of any tuning issues you may have. 

Wasp hopes this helps archers practice with their broadheads before they enter the woods this fall. As the leading innovators in the broadhead market, Wasp enjoys taking the time to educate our customers on the new features and designs of our products. If you have any further questions you can contact Wasp Archery or ask on Facebook. Now, get out and practice…the season is almost here!