Wasp Archery Testing New Z-Force Broadhead

The Z-force passed it first field test with flying colors. The Wasp team took a quick trip to Florida for a late season hog and whitetail hunt. The head performed great, harvesting four pigs and three whitetails. After the arrows where released, the team found big entry and huge exit holes, but more importantly we all found the game we shot. This was exactly what the broadhead was designed to do. With the zero friction design we were looking to get that large entry hole and provide a lethal wound channel that will make finding game easier. 

Round two of testing was a spring turkey hunt with our good friends Jeremy Atkins and Sean Wuller of Big N J Industries.  The morning of April 2 started off with tons of birds gobbling all around us. As the sun began to rise higher in the sky, we started to see some birds coming from the roost off in the distance. Then, a strutter appeared across the field, about 500 yards away. Jeremy made a few calls from behind the camera and more birds appeared. It looked like they were on a string.  We had two birds come into the Hazel Creek decoy and only one left. Quickly we picked up the arrow to examine the Z-force. All three blades were fully deployed with blood and feathers covering the shaft. First turkey with a Z-force was in the bed of the truck.

The second morning we made a change in location. We set up in a tight little clearing right up against the river bank where Jeremy had being seeing some birds coming across from an island. Again, as the sun began to climb into the sky, there were turkeys gobbling everywhere. As we peered across the river onto the island we saw some turkeys starting to move around. In short order we had some young birds directly in front of us. As they began to become uneasy and move off, Sarah pointed our attention the mature Rio coming in from behind. He came right into the decoy, put on a little show, then gave me the opportunity I needed. The Z-force struck its mark and the turkey went a few feet and fell over. Again, we found great holes and the bloody arrow. Success!

The Z-force passed each of our field tests with flying colors. The successful harvest of the two turkeys in Nebraska, along with the hogs and whitetails in Flordia,  proved the versatility of this revolutionary broadhead.

The Z-force will be available the end of May at Wasparchery.com and your local archery dealer.