Why Wasp Broadheads Work

When Wasp Archery talks with our customers, we often ask what they like about our broadheads. Most of the time, the answer is something like, “Well, they just work.”

Yes, our loyal customers know that our broadheads work, but we talked with Zach Weaver, vice president of sales and marketing for Wasp Archery and had him explain the science and details behind our broadhead design and why they work.

After reading this, you can sound smart when you tell your hunting buddies why Wasp broadheads are the best broadheads for bowhunting. 

Q: Can you give a brief overview of the advantages of Wasp’s SST (Stainless Smart Tip) and blades?

Weaver: The tips of Wasp broadheads feature solid stainless-steel which is machined, hardened and hollow ground to a near razor edge. They are pressed onto a solid body under hundreds of pounds of pressure and never screwed on or held in place with tiny pins or screws. Our tips will not come off.  The blades are also manufactured using the finest stainless steel available and precision ground and honed to a razor-sharp edge. The biggest advantage is aligning the tip and blades. Our blades are always in line with our tips which allows for a more consistent flying broadhead and greater penetration. None of our competitors can make this claim.

Q: How does aligning the tips and blades affect the broadhead’s performance?

Weaver: It is taking a lot stress off the blades, leaving less chance for failure and less chance for breakage. It also allows for deeper penetration through a harder substrate. Those are the biggest benefits of lining the components of the broadhead up. When our tips are pressed on, we align the cutting surfaces of the tip and the blades which allows for a more precise group of arrows. When using a screw on tip, who knows if individual arrows are going to line up the same way.

Q: Wasp broadhead’s blades are known for their toughness, how have they earned this reputation?

Weaver: Wasp allows for flexibility in our broadhead blades. They are hardened to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge and have durability, but they are also flexible enough to bend and not break. Our blades are also thicker than most other broadheads on the market, and that allows for more durability as well.

Q: Can you summarize how Wasp broadheads help hunters in actual hunting situations?

Weaver: The pressed-on tip with the flexible blades, all in alignment with one another, results in a more precise and more durable product. The stainless tip is pressed onto a solid body that is not hollowed and the stamped stainless steel blades are aligned with tip. This combination allows for a tougher head, more consistent arrow flight and better penetration. If you need to go through bone, your broadhead is breaking the bone with the tip in the same place the blades will pass through and this takes stress off the blades.