Your Hunting Stories Tell The Success of Wasp Broadheads

Although the weather in some parts of the country may be telling us otherwise, turkey hunting season is here or right around the corner for bowhunters. We know we make the perfect broadhead for turkey hunting, regardless of how your bow is setup, whether you prefer mechanical broadheads or fixed-blade broadheads. For 41 years, we have heard the stories that prove it, and photos of turkey killed with Wasp Broadheads this season are popping up on Facebook as fast dogwoods bloom.

For us, as a broadhead company, these success stories are so great to hear. It tells us that what we do in our small factory in Connecitcut works, and there is still some pride taken in American-made products. It tells us that we do not need to pay the latest and greatest hunting celebrities to say they use our broadheads like some of our competitors.

And really, who do you believe more? That guy on the commercial with all the bright lights and hype yelling out about how his broadheads are the best (at least until the next broadhead company with a bigger checkbook comes around), or the guy at the archery shop or on Facebook who works as hard as you do to buy his equipment and expects the best performance from their broadheads. Call us old-school, but we believe word of mouth is still the best way to sell broadheads. This is why we love seeing posts like this one:

 photo Screenshot_1_zps7ceb99b3.jpg

It is why we are updating the community section of so you can tell your hunting stories and share your thoughts about our broadheads. It is why we welcome anyone to visit the Wasp factory to see the focus we put on building The Ultimate Broadhead™. No corners are cut, and we still make them the way we used to 41 years ago: With American craftsmanship, for American hunters. The success of products is not measured by profits (if it was, we would join the many companies making their broadheads overseas).

We measure success by your stories, so keep them coming!