Z-Force Bear Hunt

Guy Weaver, president of Wasp Archery, suspects he is the first hunter to shoot a bear with the new Wasp Z-Force. Last week, he traveled to Saskatchewan for a late spring bear hunt,and on the last evening of the five day hunt, Guy and the Z-Force hit pay dirt.

The previous days were slow, offering no shot opportunities, but as the clock struck the 11th hour, a bear came in and stood broadside at 15 yards. Guy sent his crossbow arrow through both lungs at 350 feet per second. The arrow passed through and the bear meandered 30 yards to his final resting place.

“I had all the confidence in the world that the Z-Force would do the job in a situation where shot opportunities were few and far between,” Weaver said. “It was a complete pass through with large entry and exit wounds and an easy-to-follow blood trail, even though the animal only went 30 yards.”

When the guides of Chaparral Outfitters showed up at the stand to help Guy retrieve his bear, they immediately pounced on the easy-to-find blood trail. But, guy could see where the bear crashed from his stand, and once on the ground, he told the guides to “take a look there.” When the guide followed his pointing finger, they laughed. “Well, that was easy,” said one of the guides. “He didn’t make it very far!”

As Guy recovers from shoulder surgery, a crossbow was the only way he could try out the Z-Force on a bear. “We had both compound bow and crossbow hunters in our camp, and while we were practicing, the Z-force heads were flying as true as field points,” he said. “I could have used a Crossbow Boss or a Sledgehammer, but I really wanted to take a bear with the Z-force. After rounds and rounds of testing it, I knew it would not open in flight, even when shot at 350 feet per second.”

The Z-Force uses a clip to retain the rear deploying broadheads and insure they only open on impact, making it a good crossbow broadhead.

With a deer, turkey, elk and now, a bear under taken with a Z-Force, Guy believes the broadhead is as versatile as it is lethal. “I just wanted to make a point that the Z-Force is not only a great deer hunting broadhead, but a great broadhead for all types of game.