1st Buck

While hunting in the treestand asking how many more minutes it is to go, I said lets wait 10 more minutes about 5 times until 6:30 pm, Connor was ready to go home. While climbing halfway down the treestand he see's deer on both sides of the stand about 30yrds on each side, I told him to come back up very slowly and we'll see if any are buck, well luck would have it, there was a 4 and 5 pointer following each other, Handed him the crossbow and said to wait until they are in the clearing and shoot the 5, let the 4 go for next year, fired the shot the deer kicked and did a somersault and ran about 40-50 yards and bedded, it got up once more and was walking slowly. Told him to watch the deer and we tracked to look at the blood, dark red or light red (was both)got close and the deer got up and ran a little. Told Connor we'll wait until morning to get him. Went out early in the morning and found him no more than 30yrds from the previous spot. Thank you Wasp for making a great broadhead, He got his first deer at 5 with a Z-force and his first buck with a Boss at 7.

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Double lung 40 yards

This Coastal South Carolina buck gave me a 15 yard broadside shot and the Jak-Knife certainly performed well.