Captain Hook Down!

I have only used Wasp Jakhammers since I started hunting 3 years ago. I never lost a deer or had a deer go more then 30 yards after shooting it, so when my fiance' told me had patterned a good buck... I knew it was game on and my gear was ready for anything. We got into the woods very early because we knew exactly when the deer were going to move. So 17 does and 4 small bucks later. This buck he named Captain Hook ( he had a hook G2 on his right side, That unfortunately broke off ) came charging in and scared all the other deer off. I whacked him quartering away hard. We watched him run 25 yards and just lay down in a ditch. The blood trail was insane, as usual. So we waited 30 minutes just to make sure. And we didn't struggle to find any blood. It was literally just follow the red leaves and there laid Captain Hook. Thank you for making such great broadheads!!!

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