Fixed Broadhead - Hammer


The WASP Hammer remains one of the top choices among bowhunters shooting fixed blade broadheads. Featuring the SST smart tip the Hammer is a tough enough broadhead to punch through the steel of 10 sections of a 55 gallon drum.

Drone Deep Six Broadhead

Drone Deep Six

This solid-steel fixed-blade broadhead made to fit Easton Deep Six Arrows and Inserts is the ultimate match for micro diameter arrows for deep penetrating, true flying and bone-busting broadhead performance.

Cut on Contact Broadhead - Sharpshooter


The SharpShooter is a cut-on-contact broadhead designed with a self- aligning blade locking system which utilizes a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blade to the ferrule, eliminating misaligned blades and poor arrow flight.

Fixed Blade Broadhead for Women - Queen


With a rising demand for a broadhead designed especially for women, Wasp has delivered the Queen. The Queen is the perfect broadhead for women who shoot bows below 55 pounds. Available in 100 and 75 grains.

Mechanical Broadhead - Z-force


The 100 grain Z-Force mechanical broadhead features a unique ball-bearing system that ensures proper blade dispersement with every shot.

Mechanical Broadhead - Jak-Hammer Select-a-cut

Jak-Hammer Select-A-Cut

The latest innovation from WASP adds versatility to this already popular mechanical broadhead. For the first time, bowhunters can match the cutting diameter of their hunting head to the situation, without having to change blades or broadheads.

Crossbow Broadheads - Crossbow Boss

Crossbow Boss

This broadhead combines a short, aerodynamic ferrule and vented blades withthe most durable trocar tip on the market in the SST to create the most reliable crossbow head in today’s market.

Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead - Jak-X


The Jak-X Crossbow is a mechanical broadhead designed to best meet the demands of crossbow hunters. The Stainless Steel Smart Tip (SST) is pre-aligned with three stainless steel blades ensuring maximum penetration by creating a straight cutting path through anything that gets in its way.

Crossbow Broadhead - Sledgehammer


The Sledgehammer crossbow broadhead features a solid steel ferrule tipped with Wasp’s bone-crushing stainless steel trocar tip. The 150-grain broadhead has a 1” cutting diameter and cuts through anything that gets in the way.