The Bullet is one of the most aerodynamic broadheads around and sports a 1” cutting diameter and .027” stainless steel blades. The SST tip and superior flight characteristics  make the Bullet one of the most forgiving and accurate fixed-blade broadheads available today.

Comes in a 3-pack that includes 2 sets of replacement blades.

The Bullet is available in 100, 75 grains.

Wasp Nest
Drone - New for 2014Cutting DiameterThickness
100 Grain1-1/8".027"
Rack Attack Cutting DiameterThickness
75 Grain1-1/8".020"
100 Grain1-3/16".027"
Queen Cutting DiameterThickness
75 Grain1.027
100 Grain1.027
Sharp Shooter Cutting DiameterThickness
100 Grain1".040"/.027"
Hammer SSTCutting DiameterThickness
75 Grain1-1/8".020"
85 Grain1-3/16".027"
90 Grain1-3/16".027"
100 Grain1-3/16".027"
125 Grain1-3/16".027"
Bullet Cutting DiameterThickness
100 Grain1".027"
75 Grain1".027"
Boss Cutting DiameterThickness
100 Grain1-1/8".027"
125 Grain1-1/8".027"
4-Blade 100 Grain1-1/16".027"
GrainCutting DiameterThickness
100 GRAIN1".027"
75 GRAIN1".027"