Time-tested performance. Deadlier than ever.

For over 45 years, hunters have trusted Wasp broadheads for the ultimate in penetration and devastation. We’ve been the leaders of broadhead evolution and innovation since inventing the world’s first broadhead with replaceable blades in 1972. And every broadhead we’ve ever made has come out of our Connecticut facility built from 100% American parts.

Wasp Archery Broadheads
Wasp Archery Broadheads

Nothing stings like a Wasp.

Innovation isn’t about releasing new products every year just to build hype and see what sticks. It’s about creating really good broadheads that can outperform and outlast everything else on the market. And that’s exactly what a Wasp broadhead does.

Wasp is built on American passion and the principles of ethical hunters. You need a broadhead you can trust to kill your target quickly and humanely. We’ve always made our broadheads with the best materials available to ensure you get the highest quality and most reliability from every shot.

Switch to Wasp today for deeper penetration, unbelievable devastation, and the best blood trails of your life.

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