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For more than 40 years, Wasp Archery has been the leader of broadhead evolution and innovation. We’ve been setting the standard for others to follow since we invented the world’s first broadhead with replaceable blades in 1972.

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Battling Buck Fever

Sometimes it’s not all about just having multiple experiences with buck fever to get an upper hand when put in that particular situation - you know the one we’re talking about.

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Monthly Special

Monthly Special

Monthly Special

Buy a pack of Jak-Knife Heads and receive them in a FREE Wasp Nest. Use promo code JAKBOX. *Must add Wasp Nest to cart.

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Bone Busting Mechanical Broadhead

We gave the new Jak-Knife, a 2-blade mechanical broadhead with a 2+" cutting diamter to Tony Hansen of Antler Geeks to try. The results has caused him to #maketheswitch to the strongest and most dependable 2-blade broadhead on the market.