The 100 grain Z-Force mechanical broadhead features a unique ball-bearing system that ensures proper blade dispersement with every shot. Its 1 5/8-inch cutting diameter, along with its solid steel ferrule, works in combination with its three blades to be the most lethal head on the broadhead market today. Even at its closed position of 5/8-inch, the Z-Force is one dominant broadhead. Comes in a 3-pack.

The Z-Force is available in 100 grain.

Wasp Nest
Talon Bowfishing PointCutting DiameterThickness
N/A GrainN/A.062"
Rack Attack MechanicalCutting DiameterThickness
75 Grain1-1/4".036"
100 Grain1-1/4".036"
Z-Force MechanicalCutting DiameterThickness
100 Grain1 5/8 inches.036
Jak-Hammer Select-A-CutCutting DiameterThickness
100 Grain1-1/2 - 1-3/4".036"
Jak-Hammer SST 1-1/4"Cutting DiameterThickness
75 Grain1-1/4".036"
100 Grain1-1/4".036"
Jak-Hammer SSTCutting DiameterThickness
100 Grain1-3/4".036"
125 Grain1-3/4".036"
GrainCutting DiameterThickness
100 GRAIN1 5/8 inches.036