5 Reasons You Should Get a Bowfishing Bow

Bowfishing incorporates the hobbies we’re most passionate about – archery, hunting, and fishing – into one action-packed sport. When the mercury rises and the rivers and lakes warm, there’s no better place than the water with a bow in hand. The chance to essentially chase game in the off-season is reason enough to start bowfishing.

1. You’re Hunting in the Off-season

If you’re anything like us, your bow never gets put up for good after the season ends. We’re shooting on a weekly basis even as the thermometer flirts with triple digits in the dead of summer. While a bowfishing bow is different from your whitetail archery gear, and so are a few of the fundamentals, it’s a nice change of pace from the range. Hit the water and work on your accuracy with moving targets.

With a good bowfishing bow and arrow point, you'll be set for a summer on the water.
With a good bowfishing bow and arrow point, you'll be set for a summer on the water. 

2. Recruit Future Hunters

Bowfishing doesn’t require long sits, remaining quiet or high-level skill that chasing whitetails necessitates. It’s more of a leisure activity and in one trip, you can expect to have several shot opportunities. This makes the sport ideal for kids and newcomers to archery.

3. Bowfishing is a Social Outing

Nothing beats spending a day or night on the water with family and friends. You won’t scare fish away by talking and moving around the boat – another reason to bring along a kid. Just don’t make too much fun of your friend who always misses. Make him pay for dinner instead.

4. It’s Easy to Start

You don’t need a boat with a generator and lights to get started. You can take your fair share of fish from the shore with an old bow, inexpensive reel and fiberglass arrow with a dependable fish point, such a the Talon. Spend some time researching the hotspots in your area and chances are, plenty will be accessible without a boat.

5. It’s a Challenge

After you have experienced shooting carp and buffalo (the fish), you may feel a need to hunt something bigger and more challenging. Game like alligator gar, rays and even sharks test the more adventurous bowfishers. For your first time, hire an experienced guide to show you the ropes.

Think bowfishing seems right for you? Before hitting the water, read our recent blog post on the gear you’ll need and where to begin searching for fish.