A Better Fish Point

For more than 40 years, Wasp Archery has been the leader in broadhead design and a part of many successful hunts in the woods, fields and mountains. Now, we have set our sights on the creatures below the water and have designed The Ultimate Fish Point.

The Talon bowfishing point was created out of our passion for bowfishing. Our roots are in Connecticut and that offers us the opportunity to hit saltwater and freshwater with a bow in hand. That said, a lot of fish points on the market left us underwhelmed. Fish removal was messy, time consuming and frustrating. Fish points pulling out of large fish were heartbreaking. We knew we could create a better bowfishing head to fix these issues.

The barb locking system of the Talon fish point is sophisticated, yet simple:


Before release, a simple 30-degree clockwise twist of the ferrule engages and the barbs can’t fold forward. This allows for better accuracy and penetration through the water, especially in deeper water.



Once the point passes through the fish and pressure is applied on retrieval, the barbs will open for a strong hold on fish. The wide grasp of the barbs distributes pressure to eliminate pull-outs on soft-flesh fish.



To release the barbs of the fish point instantly without having to touch the fish, turn the ferrule 30-degrees counter-clockwise. This allows the barbs to fold forward as your remove the arrow.


This quick release barb system comes with the quality of American engineering Wasp Archery is known for: The Talon is made of 100% stainless steel from American steel companies for durability and exacting precision to increase accuracy. See how this fish point has made our time on the water more productive and enjoyable for yourself. Pick up a Talon this spring and stick some fish!