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A breakdown of Wasp’s fixed-blade broadheads – Which one is right for your next hunt?

Dec 12, 2018

Fixed-blade broadheads are perfect for hunting larger game when you need more strength, deeper penetration, and an arrow that will leave the bow the same way it hits the target. There are fewer variables at play with a fixed blade, providing the archer with reliability to stay intact even when driving through rib or shoulder bone. Wasp’s fixed-blade broadheads deliver unmatched accuracy, strength, and penetration to make sure you take down your target. Here’s a breakdown of all 11 of our fixed-blade broadheads to help determine which will suit you best next time you take to the field. In 2019, we will introduce you to our new Havalon HV, also a fixed three-blade broadhead inspired by an innovative industry partnership.


The Dart is a four-blade broadhead that features a stealthy, aerodynamic blade design for field-point accuracy at longer distances, particularly when shot out of a high-speed bow or crossbow. The added cutting surface of the fourth blade supplies even more devastating blood trails to ensure you’re able to track down your target with ease. The Dart features a 100% steel Stainless Smart Tip (SST) and stainless steel blades to complement the compact aluminum ferrule that makes for extreme precision and easy tuning.

Boss 3 Blade

The BOSS features a shortened aerodynamic ferrule to go along with a reduced blade surface area and SST tip alignment, resulting in a more accurate arrow and increased strength. It delivers strong, deep penetration and a 1-1/8” cutting diameter. The BOSS is known to endure everything from cinder blocks to shoulder bones of even the sturdiest game, leaving a noticeable blood trail out of everything from whitetail and turkey to elk and black bear.


The Drone ensures bowhunters no longer have to compromise, delivering more strength and deeper penetration with pinpoint accuracy. The solid-steel ferrule and SST tip combine to create the Ultimate Broadhead. The tip is always aligned with the blades and roars through bone and cartilage to create a straight-cutting path and devastation for any game.

Boss 4 Blade

The four-blade design of this BOSS broadhead makes for increased cutting, larger entrance and exit wounds, and massive blood trails you won’t be able to miss. The SST tip is precision machined to blast through bone and remain intact every time. The BOSS flies straight and silently right out of the bow with no planning, combining accuracy and penetration to take down any target.


The aptly named Bullet is one of the most aerodynamic broadheads on the market, sporting a 1” cutting diameter, SST tip, and stout aluminum ferrule. The Bullet is one of the most forgiving and accurate fixed-blade broadheads in the industry and is available in 75 and 100 grains. If you prefer to have both entry and exit wounds in an animal for easy blood trailing, the Bullet can get you there.


Countless bowhunters have made the switch to Wasp by using the Hammer as their inaugural broadhead, and they’ve had plenty of reason to stay. The Hammer features a longer aluminum ferrule, the SST tip, and is capable of punching through the toughest skin and bone to create an unmistakable blood trail. The superior flight of the Hammer lands with a 1-3/16” cutting diameter and long, sleek blades that don’t break after impact.


The Sharpshooter has a cut-on-contact design and a self-aligning blade locking system, eliminating errant arrow flight and equipping novice and seasoned hunters alike with extreme confidence. The superior cut is effective from high-angle tree stands. When you’re flinging the Sharpshooter, chances are you’ll have a massive blood trail to follow or the animal will go down well within eyesight.

Sharpshooter Traditional

This broadhead packs the accuracy and force of the Sharpshooter and is designed to meet the needs of traditional archers. With 150 grains of steel, the cut-on-contact tip and blade locking system pack an extra punch that combines both worlds of tradition and innovation. This broadhead not only serves traditional and recurve archers but is also used by modern archers who shoot “speed bows” with the properly spined arrow.


Bowhunting is far from just a man’s game, and there has been a rising demand for a broadhead designed especially for women. This inspired Wasp to create the Queen, ideal for women who shoot bows below 55 pounds. The Queen features our SST tip aligned to three .027” razor sharp blades. It flies like a field point and stings lethally to inflict damage on any game.

Crossbow Boss

The Crossbow Boss has vented blades designed for today’s high-speed crossbows and the game’s most durable trocar tip, resulting in maximum reliability from a crossbow head. It also has a short, aerodynamic ferrule and brings all of the beloved qualities of the other Boss broadheads to crossbow enthusiasts.


The Sledgehammer is another crossbow broadhead with a solid-steel ferrule and our signature bone-crushing SST tip. It’s a 150-grain broadhead with a 1” cutting diameter to ensure nothing gets in the way of your kill. The Sledgehammer is specifically designed for crossbow shooters who favor a heavier front-of-center balance to produce greater penetration.

Stop blaming your broadhead. Start shooting Wasp.

Wasp broadheads have been trusted by hunters and feared by animals for over 45 years. Replacement blades are included with most of our fixed-blade broadheads, giving you everything you need to practice for that next big kill. Shop our fixed-blade broadheads today to find the perfect fit for your next adventure out.

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