A Broadhead for Youth Bowhunters

Wasp Archery is proud to partner with the Quality Deer Management Association’s youth-hunting mentoring program, Rack Pack, to design a broadhead for youth hunters.

Bowhunters know the numbers. Statistics show youth hunters are declining, and this has been the trend for many years now. Wasp, along with QDMA, wants to see more people walk in the woods where generation after generation has hunted before and share the same passion for hunting.

The Rack Pack Attack has the looks, design and performance to excite young bowhunters. A lost animal is a sure way to turn kids away from hunting, so we made sure they had a broadhead that would give kids the best chance of success. The Rack Pack attack is designed for kids who use youth bows and crossbows with less poundage of draw weight.

Many hunters have used a Wasp broadhead to harvest their first deer and ignite the passion of bowhunting deep inside their roots where an instinct to hunt waits. They know about Wasp’s dedication to proudly manufacture American-made products and the rugged testing philosophy that assures the delivery of the highest quality broadheads possible. The same dedication and philosophy has been applied to the Rack Attack broadheads.

With the QDMA Rack Pack’s leading the way on using engaging and creative methods to get kids involved in the outdoors and hunting, Wasp is proud to now offer a broadhead developed strictly for them. 
The desire to hunt lies in all of us. Sometimes it just needs to be kindled with a spark. To learn more about the Rack Pack and their youth-led, multi-media program intended to create and enrich future hunters and leaders in conservation, please visit http://www.rackpack.qdma.com/.