A Hunt with a Broadhead Fit for a Queen

Kristen McKee was frustrated when she visited the Wasp Archery booth at the Eastern Outdoors Sportsman Show last year. She was using a broadhead made by another company and having problems.

“I told you guys my problem with the broadheads I was using, which was the G5 T3, when I met you guys,” said McKee in a recent message sent to us on our Facebook page. “I was promised I would have success switching to your Wasp Queen broadheads, and that they would work for me since I'm not shooting that much poundage.”

Well, along with the message there was evidence of the success we promised she would have with the Wasp Queen. And there was more success to boot. Her dad, a loyal Wasp broadhead shooter, has always shot the Wasp Bullet and he, along with his daughter, was in the photo they sent. Both father and daughter smiled proudly with a pair of 8-point Illinois bucks.

“In the second week of November, my dad and I planned a trip to Illinois,” said McKee. “Once we arrived I was getting more excited every day seeing the deer from my tree. My dad was in a tree 20 yards from me.”

After a few days, the excitement finally boiled over.

“I had an 8-pointer walk in front of me at 20-yards,” said Mckee. “I shot him and he ran 30 yards and fell over dead.”

The excitement wasn’t over yet.

“Not even five minutes later, another 8-point walked in right under my stand,” said Mckee. “My dad shot him and he ran 25 yards. My dad and I watched him fall over dead!"

“This is the first buck I took with my bow and the first buck my dad shot with his new bow. It was very exciting sitting in a tree next to my dad, and both shooting 8-pointers less than 5 minutes apart! I'm very happy with the Wasp Queen broadheads and my dad is happy as well with his Bullet broadheads! We will continue to use your products!”

Wasp Archery loves when people take the time to tell us their story. We designed the Wasp Queen broadhead for women after we heard many frustrations similar to the ones Mckee told us at the sport show last winter. To meet the rising demand for a broadhead designed for archers shooting bows less than 55 pounds, women can now have faith in a product developed for them.

Wasp will always listen to your stories, what you have to say about our products and what changes you would like to see made or needs you require to be met. It is why we have been the most innovative broadhead manufacturer for the last 41 years.