A Wasp Bow-Fishing Broadhead?

Broadheads designed and manufactured by Wasp Archery have been on loads of arrows that were responsible for the harvest of an abundant amount of trophies around the world. And we are not only talking about trophies of the animal kind, either. The true flight characteristics of Wasp broadheads have claimed a fair share of hardware in competitive archery tournaments, as well.

Deer in fields, elk in mountains, turkey in hollows, alligators in swamps and targets in ranges are just a few of the targets and places Wasp broadheads left their mark. With the arrival of the Z-Force, you can add fish in water to that list.
The Z-Force broadhead has undergone quite the test by its designer, Zach Weaver, this summer. Weaver likes to thump rays, sharks and anything harvestable that swims into bow range on the brackish salt water marshes on the Northeast coast. The outings prime his shooting for hunting season and allow him to mull over new ideas and broadhead concepts.

“It’s fun to get out and shoot the Z-Force and really see what it is capable of,” said Weaver. “Although it wasn’t designed to be a bow-fishing head, it really stands up to the job. We know it is a tough head and seeing it survive the saltwater, thrashing of fish and impact with the rocky bottom really pleases us.”
The rear-deploying blades of the Z-Force make it a satisfactory bow-fishing broadhead. The blades deploy on impact and after passing through the fish the blades act like barbs – providing substantial hold power as the fish is retrieved to land or boat. Yes, the Z-Force certainly does the job, but is it the ultimate bow-fishing broadhead?

Being the designer that weaver is, he has been working on models and plans for Wasp to create a broadhead solely for the purpose of bow-fishing – A broadhead that would maximize your time shooting into the water and efficiently harvest another trophy in a different environment.

Wasp strives to be the leading, most innovative broadhead company in the industry, so it would only make sense that we create the Ultimate (bow fishing) Broadhead. We have already set the standard for hunting broadheads, target broadheads, mechanical broadheads, fixed-blade broadheads and crossbow broadheads, and will continue to raise it, but the opportunity to make another mark on the industry excites us.

Tell us what you think. Would you like to see Wasp manufacture a bow fishing broadhead? Let us now by commenting below or posting your thoughts on Facebook.