Wasp Drone Broadhead Test

One of the qualities that sets the fixed-blade Wasp Drone broadhead apart from the competition is its solid-steel ferrule that delivers unsurpassed strength and penetration, while its low-profile design enables deadly accuracy without any compromises. But don’t just take our word for it. The guys at Antler Geeks hosted a broadhead test to see what the Drone was capable of. And after a series of shots and analysis, they had plenty to say: 

The Drone flies beautifully. It penetrates better than any other head we’ve tested — and we’ve tested an awful lot of them. We simply couldn’t break the thing.

Toss in the fact that you can get a 3-pack of heads with two sets of replacement blades for about $30 and you have more than just a fantastic broadhead — you have arguably the best broadhead value available.

The below video demonstrates the strength and durability of the Drone. After being shot at plywood, a rubber tire and a block of cement, the Drone didn’t skip a beat. It’s a testament to its reliable design and demonstrates its ability to pack a punch big enough to rip through any of North America’s big game species.