Bear Hunting Story: From Field to Fork

14 Posts From A Heart-Pounding Bear Hunt

One of the coolest things about social media is being able to follow our customers throughout the hunting season and on hunts. Here’s a photo and video essay of a bear hunt, on which the Wasp Drone played a key part. John and Jenn Rivet are big game hunting outfitters in Canada. After guiding hundreds of clients on archery black bear hunts, this hunt was Jenn’s first with a bow. The Rivets hunt bear from the ground. That’s a heart racing, pulse pounding experience.


After some fast action on the first sit, rain started to fall and the bears vanished. The next evening, this big boar showed up, but Jenn could never get a clear shot.


@girlguidejenny was at full draw tonight on this giant bear!! 3 big boars came in at the same time and he was so cautious and just wouldn't stop except behind the barrel or a tree. This is a freeze frame from a video of when he first walked in. First thing we do when a bear walks in is identify sex with our nikons. Gopro reverse shot was on and I was rolling. Can't wait to get back out tomorrow. Finally he came out in daylight. The secret formula worked to turn him from nocturnal to coming out while we are sitting on bait. #livinthedreamwithjohnandjenn #ieatbear #teamhoyt #hoggfather #getSERIOUSgetHOYT #gowhereyoudontbelong #alwaysleathal #drone @uahunt @hoytbowhunting @spothoggarchery @thermacellhunt @eastonarchery @cameronrhanes @wasparchery

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Jenn was back at it the next evening and shared this great tip about taking a practice shot before the hunt. She nailed the target and the bear that later showed up.


The moment of truth:


The bear ran only 50 yards before expiring quickly.


While non-hunters may find the photos below to be graphic, hunters who still fill their freezer with bounty from the woods know that an autopsy can teach you a lot about shot placement and vitals location when hunting black bears.


Real hunters don't enjoy killing but it's how we get our meat. #ieatbear Blown away by all the hate but it's reassuring that most of these nut jobs are not from Canada or the United States. Just wasted an hour of my life blocking idiots mostly from the UK. Off to hunt bears again this evening with our daughters but first, we are honoured to have been invited to have dinner with local tribal Cree Elders in their moose hunting camp. They don't hunt bears but asked us if they could have the fat from the bear Jenn killed. @girlguidejenny is sharing 40 pounds of bear fat with them. The bear is spiritual to the natives but they are ok with us hunting them to ensure the health of their moose population as bears are a big predator to newborn calves. #livinthedreamwithjohnandjenn #gowhereyoudontbelong #alwaysleathal #bear #HoytTaggedOut #hoytbowhunting #getSERIOUSgetHOYT

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The reward after all the hard work:


Jenn shares a delicious looking bear stir-fry recipe:


A few days later, John connected with a bear using the Drone.


The arrow passed-through and stuck in a tree 10 yards passed the bear. That’s one way to assure you find your arrow.


Congrats on your bear, Jenn and John, and thanks  for sharing the photos so we can follow along!

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