Best Broadheads For Deer

Ask any hunter what the best broadheads for deer hunting are and they’ll probably tell you whatever is on the end of their arrow. But what works for one hunter and their setup, may not be the best for another. Choosing the best broadhead for deer comes down to several factors, such as penetration and cutting diameter. Making two holes is always the goal, but what gets in the way of a pass-through is momentum-robbing factors such as friction and distance.

Here’s a handy guide for confidently selecting the right broadhead for whitetails based on a bow’s capabilities.

Best Broadheads for Deer When Shooting 65+ Poundsbest mechanical broadheads for deer

  • Draw Weight: 65+ pounds
  • Draw Length: 28+ inches
  • Arrow Weight: 10-12 grains per inch (GPI)

This is a stout rig made for launching heavy arrows at high speeds. While it can handle just about any type of broadhead, you can make the most of the power by using a wide-cutting mechanical broadhead or a fixed, four-blade broadhead. Consider one of these models:

Jak-Hammer 125 or Jak-Knife 125

Let’s assume you are shooting a 300-grain arrow with 100-grain points at 280 feet per second. That’ll work just fine, but increasing the weight of your broadhead will increase your arrow’s front of center, which stabilizes arrow flight. The added weight will also result in a quieter shooting bow. Adding 25 more grains to the business end of the arrow increases momentum (from .497 slugs to .517 slugs) and kinetic energy (from 69.6 ft/lbs. to 70.8 ft/lbs.) while only decreasing arrow speed to 274 fps. Fixed-blade fans might balk at shooting a mechanical, but they're truly the best at creating massive wounds. Maybe it's time to reconsider?

Drone 125

For those that just won't thread a mechamical broadhead on the end of their arrow, increasing the grain weight also applies here. The Drone 125 is a fixed-blade broadhead and is 100% steel that will hold up to the stress inflicted should it hit bone at a high speed. The integrity and great flight of this broadhead makes it perfect for hunting deer with powerful bows.

Boss 4-Blade

While increasing the cutting surface of a broadhead increases friction, hunters using a powerful setup like this can opt for a four-blade fixed broadhead when hunting deer. The BOSS fixed-blade features a shortened aerodynamic ferrule, reduced blade surface area and SST tip alignment. The result is a forgiving and accurate shooting arrow that delivers a deep-penetrating broadhead with the Cut-On-Contact trocar tip.

The jak-hammer broadhead for deer hunting

Shop Jak-Hammer, Drone and Boss 4-Blade broadheads or try one of each for $29.99 before you buy a pack. 

Best Broadheads for Deer When Shooting 60-65 Pounds

  • Draw Weight: 65 pounds
  • Draw Length: 28+ inches
  • Arrow Weight: 8-9 GPI

This common bow setup balances speed and power well, which results in relatively flat-flying arrows and good penetration.


For bowhunters that prefer a two-blade mechanical broadhead, the Jak-Knife, with more than a two-inch cutting diameter, is a perfect deer hunting broadhead. It slices ribs and retains integrity, even if it encounters bone. The O-Ring blade retention system guarantees proper deployment on every shot.


Lining archery store shelves and fill quivers since 1996, the Wasp Jak-Hammer is one of the most tested and best-selling broadheads on the market. Thanks to the design of the blade deployment, it requires the least energy while offering the most reliability.


If you prefer a fixed-blade broadhead for hunting deer, the Drone is your best option. It’s an extremely sharp and compact fixed blade broadhead with a short, reduced ferrule surface area allowing for an incredible, aerodynamic flight tested to be as accurate as field points. Each package includes 2 extra sets of replacement blades.

Shop the Jak-KnifeJak-Hammer, and Drone broadheads or try one of each for $29.99 before you buy a pack. 

Best Broadheads for Deer When Shooting 55-60 Pounds

mechanical broadhead for 55 pound bow

  • Draw Weight: 55-60 pounds
  • Draw Length: 26-28 inches
  • Arrow Weight: 8-9 GPI


The Dueler features an adjustable cutting diameter. Set it to 1.5 inches when hunting deer in the fall and two-plus inches for turkey hunting in the spring. For crossbows shooting 400 fps or faster, simply add an additional O-ring

Jak-Hammer 1-1/4”

This broadhead is a copy of the 1-3/4" cutiing Jak-Hammer, but in smaller package. It’s a great option for deer hunters that want to shoot a mechanical broadhead but are shooting less draw weight.


A solid all-around fixed-blade broadhead, making it perfect for the average deer hunter. At $29.99, the price can’t be beat.

Shop the DuelerJak-Hammer, and Drone broadheads or try one of each for $29.99 before you buy a pack. 

Best Broadheads For Deer When Shooting A Fast Bow

  • Draw Weight: 55-65+ pounds
  • Draw Length: 26-29 inches
  • Arrow Weight: 6-7 GPI

Some bowhunters need speed. If they are hunting in wide-open terrain where long shots are common or hunting flighty deer where taking a quick shot without ranging the distance is necessary, a fast arrow can help reach out farther. But it comes at the cost of momentum. So you need a broadhead that is efficient.


Utilizing a solid-steel ferrule allowed us to reduce the surface area of the Drone, while preserving its toughness. The result is a more compact and better penetrating broadhead with the same toughness Wasp broadheads are known for.


The Boss, with it’s legendary trocar Stainless Smart Tip, was designed for fast bows. The .027-inch-thick, vented blades are recessed well into the tip to assure they stay in place even after punishing hits. This results in a more consistent flying broadhead.


Boasting a 1" cutting diameter and .027" stainless steel blades, the Bullet is a broadhead made for hunting deer with the fastest of bows. The stainless steel tip is pressed onto the solid aluminum ferrule and not screwed on or held in place with tiny pins or screws. It’s aligned with the blades, which assures field point accuracy. 

drone broadhead review

Shop the DroneBoss, and Bullet broadheads or try one of each for $29.99 before you buy a pack. 

Best Broadheads for Deer - Traditional Bow

Most broadheads come in 100-grain configurations. And that’s fine. But what if you’re looking to maximize your KE and momentum? Traditional archers understand this philosophy better than most. They aren’t going to tweak more speed out of their bows. So they opt for heavy arrows and cut-on-contact heads to maximize penetration.

SharpShooter Traditional

The Sharpshooter Traditional meets the needs of recurve and longbow deer hunters with its incredible cut-on-contact, four-blade design. Weighing 150-grains, it’s a deadly broadhead for deer hunting when paired with a traditional archery setup.

Best Broadhead For Deer - Women’s and Youth Bows

Sometimes folks get caught up in thinking that women need a “smaller” or “lighter” broadhead. Truth is, sometimes it’s better to go heavier. Yes, there are times when a 75-grain broadhead is the right choice, but if shooting less than 45 pounds, we recommend building the heaviest arrow possible that will still reach out to your effective range with the needed speed.

Queen 100-Grain

Taking its accurate flight and sharp cutting properties from the Wasp Bullet, the Queen is a compact and razor-sharp broadhead. It flies like a dart and penetrates like a knife.


With compact bleeder blades and cut-on-contact main blades, the four-blade 100 grain SharpShooter solves a problem most fixed two-blade broadheads encounter: Less-than-stellar blood trails. The two bleeder blades provide greater hemorrhaging while not robbing penetration.

Drone 125

When building and deer hunting arrow for a women’s bow, the goals are to find the sweet spot between speed and weight and find the optimal FOC. Sometimes that means tipping the arrow with a heavier point. It won’t waste precious energy, but it reduces friction. It also results in a better blood trail. 

Shop the Queen, SharpShooter, and Drone broadheads or try one of each for $29.99 before you buy a pack.