Broadhead Test: Wasp, Rage and Muzzy

This test assesses how durable a broadhead is. By shooting it into steel, the goal is to determine where the weaker points exist. Does it retain structural integrity? See how the Wasp Boss, Rage 2-Blade and Muzzy 3-Blade did here:




Held together with small hex screws, the broadhead turned to shrapnel upon impact. We saw similar results when Antler Geeks pitted a Rage Hypodermic against a Wasp Jak-Knife in a cinder block test:



The video sums up what went wrong with the Muzzy well, but if you need further convincing, compare the reviews of the Wasp Boss and the Muzzy 3-blade on


This test shows the superior quality in design, material and workmanship of our broadheads. The SST Tip is pressed onto a solid body under hundreds of pounds of pressure and never screwed on or held in place with tiny pins or screws. They will not come off and will penetrate the hardest of material, paving the way for the blades to follow.