Broadheads for Turkey

In his article, Top 10 Turkey Broadheads, Patrick Meitin says, “To consistently kill turkeys with arrows, to turn a huge percentage of hits into dead birds, you must keep shots less than 30 yards, but mostly you must cut big holes. Forget shock, knocking them for a loop, and all that outdated bunk. Cut them. Period.”

What better broadhead to cut turkeys with than a Wasp Jak-Knife or Jak-Hammer mechanical broadhead, then?

Wasp Jak-Knife

Making it’s debut in the fall of 2015, the huge 2+” cutting diameter of the Jak-Knife proved to be deadly on deer, bear and elk. This spring, it will be a top broadhead choice for turkey hunters. The wide cut helps make up for the smaller vital zone on a turkey. The blade angle results in more of a chopping action than a slicing action, slowing penetration and making more likely the arrow stays inside the bird – which is preferred because it limits the chance of a turkey running or flying after the shot.

Wasp Jak-Hammer

It’s the Jak-Knife’s first season in the turkey woods, but the Jak-Hammer has been cutting down birds for 20 years. Its three blades open up to a cutting diameter of 1-3/4” and get the job done thanks to a total cutting surface of 2.65”.

You can’t go wrong with either one in your quiver. Both are wide-cutting broadheads that can turn marginal shots into kill shots. And if you are looking for a broadhead with a big cutting diameter for turkey hunting, but need something a little less aggressive for deer hunting in the fall, check out the Dueler and Select-A-Cut Jak-Hammer. Both broadheads allow you to match the cutting diameter of your broadheads to the situation, the game you're after or your bow setup without having to change blades or broadheads.