Choosing the Best Broadhead

Wasp Archery understands there is no such thing as a perfect broadhead for every hunting situation. Choosing the perfect broadhead for turkey hunting will be far different than the best broadhead for whitetails. Even among individual hunters the choice will be different. As bowhunters, we differ in setups with various draw lengths, draw weights and speeds. We vary in methods, as some are recurve and traditional archers, while others prefer the technology behind the modern compound bow. And most of all, we vary in our pursuits.

Wasp broadhead shooters live in different regions around the world and a broadhead perfect for whitetail hunting may be a liability when hunting other species. The Wasp line of hunting broadheads is extensive and we do make The Ultimate Broadhead for your needs. Selecting a broadhead based on your needs may be tricky though. Here are some tips to help you pick the best broadhead for any situation.

Best Broadheads for Whitetail Deer, Bear, Hog and Mule Deer

These animals are best hunted with a strong broadhead that is able stand up to bone but also fly true at either end of the speed spectrum. For mechanical broadhead fans, the Z-Force and Jak-Hammer SST will deliver best results when hunting these animals The Z-Force and Jak-Hammer will fly like field points and produce enough energy and cutting diameter to cleanly pass through these animals with a well-placed shot. If you do hit bone, you can still expect major damage.

If you prefer fixed-blade broadheads and shoot below 55 pounds, consider using a 3-blade broadhead like the Wasp Hammer SSTBullet or Boss. Recurve archers are especially aware of the benefit of a 3-blade broadhead in certain situations. The reduced friction of a 3-blade broadhead will produce better penetration at slower speeds. Women will also find the Queen, a broadhead designed for just for female bowhunters, fitting in circumstances where you need a broadhead that flies true and penetrates whatever gets in its way. If you shoot a faster bow, you can add the 4-blade Wasp Boss to the mix. Its compact design minimizes flight issues and increases the chance of slicing an artery or vital organ on impact.

Best Broadheads for Pronghorn Antelope, Desert Mule Deer and Coues Deer

In this category of animals, broadheads more specialized in their application. You want a head that flies straight at high speed and long distances. The fleet-footed antelope, desert mule deer and Coues deer often require a longer shot. The Z-Force, with its pinpoint accuracy at high speeds is perfect for the job. The compact design of the Wasp Boss or Queen ensures true flight and is a great choice if you want a fixed-blade broadhead.

Best Broadheads for Elk, Moose and Bison

When hunting these animals, you need to call on the heavy hitters in the Wasp catalog of broadheads. We are confident our expandable heads will get the job done (and they have), but a cut-on-contact broadhead designed for all-out penetration and bone splitting dependability is nice to have in your quiver when after elk, moose and bison. Also, the pursuit of elk and moose may require a spot-and-stalk hunt. A mechanical broadhead may hit a tree limb or get tangled in tall grass as you sneak through the heavy cover, causing the blades to expand before you shoot. To avoid this liability, opt for a fixed-blade broadhead that is primed for action as soon as a shot opportunity is presented.

The downrange performance damage inflicted on entry and exit of the Wasp Sharp Shooter – featuring two main blades and two bleeder vanes for pass-through performance –will leave a good blood trail while penetrating sufficiently. And this is where the Trocar SST Tip on the Wasp Hammer SST, Bullet, Queen or Boss shines brightest. Its construction is designed to blast through anything in its path.

We hope this information helps you pick the best broadhead for hunting what you are targeting. Don’t forget that arrow weight, diameter and spine thickness also play into the equation and be sure to check if the state you will be hunting in has any restrictions on broadheads. Now is the time to select which broadhead you will be hunting with this season and get it dialed in at the range. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have on out Facebook page.