Choosing the Right Broadhead

Modern bowhunting has come a long way since the days of a stick, string and sharpened stone. Broadheads now come is such a variety, they have specialized applications. Picking the right broadhead when faced with so many choices may be a head-scratching task these days. That’s why we created the Broadhead Selector tool on

It factors in what kind of bow you are shooting, how much draw weight you are pulling and what kind of game you are pursuing and returns results of the best broadhead suited for the situation.

For example, let’s say you want to know what Wasp broadhead is best to use when hunting deer and shooting a recurve bow at 45 pounds. The best broadhead for the job would be the SharpShooter or our new 150 grain SharpShooter Traditional

Why is the best broadhead for the job? Well, the SharpShooter is a cut-on-contact broadhead, meaning, its knife-like tip begins cutting as it impacts is target. On the other hand, chisel-tipped broadheads like the Hammer, Boss and Drone punch through the hide before the blades start cutting. This requires a little more energy.

Many broadheads can and will get the job done when placed perfectly. But we want you to choose The Ultimate Broadhead for your set up. Give the Broadhead Selector tool a try and if you need more help choosing the best broadhead, feel free to contact us or ask questions on Facebook