Clear Shooting Lanes

Wasp makes the best fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads on earth. And though they’ll break through bone, ligaments, and any other part of a deer, it’s hard to penetrate a hanging branch and still be hopeful that your arrow will land in the same zip code as that buck you were aiming for. That’s why we always recommend creating new shooting lanes for new stands and double-checking to ensure old lanes are still clean after a summer of growth.

If you are hanging new stands, it’s always best to take a friend with you to help with clearing out limbs. Otherwise, you’ll be climbing up and down, clearing branch after branch, without ever being 100% certain that you’ve cleared all the right lanes. Another advantage of having a partner is that they can walk down various shooting lanes that you may not notice. The more eyes you have on a situation, the better off you will be (as long as you respect their opinion on where to hang a stand). 

Also, it never hurts to take a small target with you and practice from each stand. Building confidence from the actual stand you will hunt from will go a long way when that same shot arises during the season.

As for those tried and true sets that continue to produce year after year, make sure you revisit each one to make sure those shooting lanes are still clear and that no insects have claimed your favorite stand as their new home. There is no feeling like climbing up your favorite stand on opening day, only to find that a nest full of stinging insects claimed it well before you. Don’t make this mistake. Be safe and check your stand long before opening day.

Though checking and clearing shooting lanes seems like a simple task, many bowhunters simply assume that everything will be okay….until that buck of a lifetime walks right down that trail that was never cleared out. Do your homework this off-season, and we promise you, once you launch that broadhead, that Wasp broadhead on the end of your arrow will do its part.