Demolition Broadhead Tests

At the 2016 ATA show, Wasp Archery demonstrated the durability of our broadheads in front of a crowd of archery shop owners, distributors and industry insiders. There is nothing like shooting a real animal to prove the effectiveness of a broadhead, and we have those stories from real hunts too. But this broadhead test does show the durability and just how much distress a head can stand before it fails. We filmed the broadhead tests, and the results speak for themselves. Watch and see how Wasp did compared to Rage and Muzzy Broadheads:

Broadhead Test: Wasp, Muzzy and Rage vs. Road Sign


The takeaway from this test is the performance of the Wasp mechanical broadheads. The Rage 2-Blade mechanical failed to penetrate the sign, while the Wasp Jak-Knife and Jak-Hammer broke through. It’s something to think about when shooting at animals with leg bones and shoulder blades surrounding the vitals.

Broadhead Test: Wasp, Muzzy and Rage vs. Tire


What surprised us about this broadhead test was how dull the blades of the Muzzy 3-blade were after penetrating through the tire. When shot with an arrow, the quickest and most ethical way to kill an animal is to cut vital tissue. A broadhead needs to penetrate deeply, remain intact and slice tissue that will lead to hemorrhaging, blood loss and ultimately death. This is where the broadhead’s sharpness comes into play. Razor sharp blades slice and open anything in its way, rather than pushing it to the side like a dull blade does. Have you ever cut yourself with a sharp knife? How long did it bleed compared to the time you were cut with a dull instrument? 

Broadhead Test: Wasp, Muzzy and Rage vs. Deer of Steel


This broadhead test is a testament to our legendary SST tips and solid (not hollowed-out) ferrules. While the other broadheads turned to shrapnel, the Wasp Boss held together.

Many factors go into choosing the best broadhead, but the more influential ones seem to be personal opinion and past experiences with a broadhead. If it worked before, why change it? Truth is, most all the broadheads on the market will do the job if it hits square in the vitals with enough penetration.

Yet, every bowhunter is susceptible to making an imperfect shot. When they make the switch to a different broadhead, they choose one that will perform if it encounters something other than soft tissue, stay sharp as it penetrates and remain intact when contacting bone.

Make the switch before a broadhead failure provokes you to do so. Fill your quiver with Wasp broadheads and carry over 40 years of proven performance into the woods.