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Five Reasons to Make the Switch to Wasp Broadheads

Sep 1, 2017

All Our Broadheads are Made in America

This used to be the norm once upon a time. But as times changed and major corporations realized that higher profits meant outsourcing production or importing materials, so went the jobs out of America. Wasp is an American company – designed in America, manufactured in America, owned by an American bowhunting family. We also buy all of our raw materials that we use for the broadheads and our in-house equipment right here in the United States. Not only are our products built by bowhunters, we create jobs for Americans and support other U.S.-based companies by purchasing their products. We are part of the hard-working spirit that is wrenching American manufacturing back to where it belongs.

We’ve Protected Broadhead Design

Wasp broadheads are designed unlike any on today’s market. The tip is pressed on rather than screwed on so that it’s nearly impossible to break. The shorter design and reduced surface area deliver unsurpassed results in accuracy, strength and penetration, giving each Wasp head great flight characteristics. They are also very quiet flying through the air. We harden our blades to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge while still being flexible, not brittle, and maintaining field-point accuracy. We were the first company to implement over-the-top expandable broadheads, which remain arguably the most successful mechanicals of all time. They pack a punch that creates maximum penetration and a two-plus-inch entry cut on a head that deploys every time.

Our Broadheads Offer the Best Value

Each three-pack of heads you purchase is around $30, giving you the best bang for your buck. Almost all of our broadheads come with replacement blades. Unlike the big companies, conglomerates that serve as umbrellas for several smaller organizations, we don’t have to record higher profits in every quarter to show board members. Success to us is continually turning out broadheads to folks just like us who have a deep-seated passion for the outdoors. Shoot, we’ve been flipping the same light switch in the same factory for quite a few decades now as we keep on working for the working man.

The Proven Durability of Wasp Broadheads

Time and time again Wasp broadheads have withstood the most grueling tests since we changed the face of bowhunting in 1971. Plain and simple – we stick with what works. We stick with what works. There’s a reason we’re one of the oldest, most heralded brands in the archery industry. And that has nothing to do with celebrity endorsements, TV commercials or advertisements. It’s because we believe in all-American sourcing and construction and unsurpassed quality products crafted with the best materials.  

Because We Care

We pride ourselves on being always available to our customers. Whether you have a question about one of our products or want to tell us about a hunting story, our door is always open. Message us on Facebook, shoot us an email, send a note via our Contact page or submit a kill story on the Community section of our website. Thank you for choosing to visit our website and taking the time to read our blog. Look forward to hearing from you all as we head into hunting season!

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