One feature that is hard for us to make any better is the famous Stainless Smart Tips of our broadheads. They are a perfection of simplicity. Here’s how the SSTs help you kill more animals:

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Wasp Hammer Broadhead

Wasp Hammer SST Named Most Aerodynamic Broadhead

Customers tell us all the time that our fixed-blade broadheads are the best flying broadheads they have ever used. So, it was no surprise when we read the results of Petersen’s Bowhunting’s article titled, 2012 Head-to-Head Broadhead Test: Part I: fixed-blade heads.

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antelope broadhead and arrow setup

Best Fixed-Blade Broadheads for Antelope Hunting

The open plains of antelope country can be unnerving to a bowhunter’s senses. Spot-and-stalk or waterhole hunts are unpredictable, so you'll want to make sure your bow is well tuned and your broadhead is a flat-flying, compact broadhead.

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women bowhunters

The Wasp Queen: A Broadhead for Women

With the release of the Queen broadhead, Wasp is among the few companies catering to women who are tired of products designed solely for men.According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, more than 500,000 women bowhunted last year – making it the fastest growing segment in t

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