Gift Guide for Hunters

Perhaps you found this list of holiday gift ideas for hunters during your last-minute dash to get the perfect gift for the bowhunter on your list. Or maybe you already know that Wasp broadheads are the best and you want to give the gift of broadhead accuracy, easy-to-follow blood trails, bone penetrating strength and made-in-America quality. Here are some gift ideas for what to get a hunter in your family this holiday:

Gift ideas for a deer hunter:

For the deer hunter that has everything, the new Wasp Z-Force is sure to be a surprise. The Z-Force flies like a field point and produces enough energy and cutting diameter to cleanly pass through a deer with a well-placed shot. Deer hunters will love that even if you do hit bone, you can still expect major damage and a clean kill. Give the gift of the most innovative mechanical broadhead on the market and wrap a pack of Wasp Z-Force broadheads for the hunter on your list.

Gift Ideas for a traditional/longbow archer:

While traditional setups offer less opportunity for failure, they do not have the forgiveness of a modern compound bow. Every component must do its job. The Wasp SharpShooter broadhead is often the last step in a chain of critical operations. When they release the string, traditional archers can have confidence the SharpShooter will work in harmony with the arrow to take down a target, just like it has been done since the earliest days of archery.

Gift Ideas for a woman bowhunter:

Finally, there is a broadhead that appeals to women in both form and function. At 75 grains, the NEW Wasp Queen is perfect for women shooting bows with a lower draw weight, 55 pounds or less. The large cutting diameter, along with Wasp’s famous Stainless Smart Tip, works in combination with three razor-sharp blades to be the most lethal broadhead put in the hands of women today. And it’s not only practical, but stylish too. This broadhead addressed all the concerns women have about their broadheads and remedy them with one deadly broadhead, so be sure to let the female hunter on your list know that you put a lot of thought in their gift.

Gift ideas for the turkey hunter:

Turkey bowhunters need an accurate broadhead with a wide cutting diameter. The 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter of the Jak-Hammer SST has a better chance of inflicting the kind of damage needed for a clean kill and recovery of a gobbler. It can be a huge benefit for bowhunters who do everything right until, for whatever reason, they release an arrow slightly off target. Give the gift of accuracy and confidence to the turkey hunter on your list this holiday and stuff their stocking with a pack of Wasp Jak-Hammers.

Gift Ideas for a big game hunter (Elk, Moose and Bison):

When hunting these animals, you need to call on the heavy hitters in the Wasp catalog of broadheads. A 3-blade broadhead like the Wasp Hammer SSTBullet or Boss will assure all-out penetration and bone splitting dependability.  This is where the Trocar SST Tip on the Wasp Hammer SST, Bullet, Queen or Boss shines brightest. Its construction is designed to blast through anything in its path while flying straight at high speeds and long distances. The big game hunter on your list will thank you for giving him the gift of the Ultimate Broadhead.

Gift ideas for the crossbow hunter:

Crossbow hunters can enter the woods this fall knowing they are equipped with a broadhead designed specifically for crossbow dynamics. Using the right broadhead for the job, they no longer have to use broadheads intended for conventional arrows yielding subpar results. Every archer knows success often hinges on the small details. Stack the odds in their favor and outfit the crossbow hunter on your list with the perfect crossbow broadhead – A Crossbow Boss.

More gift ideas for a hunter:

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