Happy Thanksgiving to our Loyal Broadhead Customers

The Weaver family and Wasp Archery would like to give thanks for our good fortune over the past year. We have a long list of people and things to be thankful for and celebrate on this Thanksgiving, but most of all we need to thank our customers.

Thank you for your loyalty. We know you have a choice of what broadhead to use, and we are grateful you select the tried-and-true performance of Wasp broadheads over the marketing hype of other companies.

We thank you for sharing your stories, ideas and photos of you hunting adventures. It honors us to be a part of your success in the field.We thank you for supporting a company who makes all their broadheads in America. The entire Weaver family is involved in the operation of the company and they wouldn’t want it any other way. To put their passion for hunting into Wasp products is very rewarding to them, and they are thankful for the opportunity to make Wasp products in America with American quality.

We thank our partners, The Season with Justin Martin, Antler Geeks and Big and J Industries, for their support and confidence in our broadheads.

We thank the great employees who work relentlessly to assure every broadhead produced by Wasp is the “Ultimate Broadhead.”

Wasp wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving creating memories with those you love in and out of the woods!