How do Drought Conditions affect Deer Hunting?

Drought conditions in some areas will not keep hardcore deer hunters out of the woods. The season will go on, and bowhunter’s will still be pursuing a trophy to introduce to their Wasp broadhead. But there are some questions on what affect the drought will have on hunting and deer movement.

One of those questions is how the drought influenced antler growth. most of the country experience an early spring and that seems to be making up for the loss of available nutrients caused by the drought. The quick sprouting greens of the spring helped deer restore their nutrition after a taxing winter. There has not been much buzz about smaller racks seen on this year’s bucks. We are broadhead manufacturers and not biologists, but our guess is deer are resourceful enough to search for the forage they need. What kind of antler growth trends have you noticed this summer?

One benefit that may work to an archer’s advantage is the early harvest of agricultural crops. The deer will be more visible and more concentrated in the woods or food plots feeding on clover and acorns. They will be unable to hide in the tall cornfields once they are cut. And water sources will be a hot spot, too.

There will also be a lack of standing water sources, so reliable and permanent water sources will attract a high level of deer activity. Patterning when and how the deer are visiting drinking holes will be a key to success.

Of course, this concentration of deer also carries risk. When all the deer are drinking out of the same resource, the risk of disease spreads. Some areas have been troubled with EHD, also known as blue tongue virus, outbreaks this summer. Is this nature’s way of balancing the herd, or is it a plague that will cripple the deer population in such areas for many years to come?

These are some of the questions the drought has raised in concern to deer hunting. Bowhunter’s are used to adjusting to tough conditions though, and we know one thing for sure – we will be in a stand on opening day with sharp broadheads ready for action. Please join the discussion of the drought and deer hunting on Facebook. We would like to hear your thoughts and observations of the situation.