How to Build a Bow Stand

Target practice in your backyard just got a little easier with this DIY bow stand. It’s a project you can complete on a Saturday morning for under $40 with a few tools. Then, you and your buddies will be shooting in style in no time.



Hacksaw or reciprocating saw
Tape measure


Foam pipe insulation
Super glue (optional)
5 foot segment, 2 inch PVC pipe (1)
8 foot segment, 1.5 inch PVC pipe (2)
1.5 inch tees (4)
2 inch to 1.5 inch reducer (2)
1.5 inch 90 degree elbow (2)


1. Start with the base. Cut the 1.5-inch PVC to the following lengths: (2) 8-inch pieces, (2) 18-inch pieces, and (2) 16-inch pieces. The 18-inch sections will make up the rear, while the 16 inch segments will comprise the front. Secure them together with a 1.5-inch tee. Then, attach the 8-inch pipe with another 1.5-inch tee, which is the cross section.

2. Cut the vertical pipe that will hold the bows. Cut a 42 inch piece of 1.5-inch PVC and insert into the 1.5-inch tee of the base’s cross section. Then, cut (2) 12-inch pieces of 1.5-inch PVC and attach to the vertical pipe with a 1.5-inch tee.

3. Assemble the arrow holders. Attach both 90 degree elbows to the end of each 18-inch segment of pipe on the base. Then, cut a 3 inch piece of 1.5-inch PVC and insert into each 90 degree elbow. Attach the 2 inch to 1.5 inch reducer to the 3 inch segments. Secure an 18 inch piece of 2-inch PVC on top, which will hold the arrows.

4. Slide on foam pipe insulation over the arrow holder arms.

NOTE: We opted not to glue or screw any of the fittings, but rather tightly secured each segment so that we could disassemble it easily. However, using super glue will ensure a tight fitting.