Hunting Season Traditions

It’s crunch time to make those final preparations for bowhunting season. Some states’ archery seasons are open, while some will be opening this weekend, and others are just around the corner. One thing’s for sure: broadheads deploying in the woods and football on TV is a sure sign fall is in the air. It is time to get into the routine!

The word “routine” may not be a strong enough word to describe a bowhunter’s ritual during the final days leading up to the first morning of the season. It is more like a tradition. The night before, we swap our practice broadhead blades with razor-sharp blades. We spin test ferrules. We look at the trail cam pics one last time. And of course, we shoot our bows a little more for good measure.

The morning of opening day, you may hop in the truck, play the same song you have for the past umpteen seasons and meet the other hunter’s in your party at the local grease joint for a breakfast you hope does not interfere with your routine of opening day.

Either way, bowhunters are ritualists and can be patterned just like deer this time of year – hanging out at archery shops, at certain “waterholes” and at greasy spoon “food plots” when they are not “bedded” in a treestand. Seriously, if you don’t think mature bucks are patterning you in the woods, you’d be surprised. But that is a topic for another blog. This one’s about the opening day traditions you have related to bowhunting. We want to hear about them.

Share your routine, ritual, tradition or whatever it is you call it with on below or on Facebook for a chance to win some Wasp Broadheads. Let’s get the season started right!