Ideas for the Best Broadhead?

The past few weeks have been busy for us at Wasp. After the holidays, we began to finalize preparations for the show season and before we knew it, we were at ATA taking orders for broadheads, visiting with our industry partners and talking with our Wasp broadhead dealers attending the show.

Dealer shows like ATA allow us to get feedback from the small businesses selling our broadheads. They had great things to say about our 2012 releases, the Z-Force and Queen and in our relentless pursuit to make The Ultimate Broadhead, we’re always looking to get better. We heard ideas from many dealers, but now we want to hear from you!

Is there a new broadhead you would like to see us create? Brainstorm and let us know your ideas. Would you like to see a bow fishing broadhead? More mechanical broadheads or fixed-blade broadheads? Or maybe just a different kind of shirt or hat instead of the ones we are currently selling? 

Let us know by commenting below or connecting with us on Facebook. We value our customers’ opinions greatly and want to meet all you needs. We’re looking forward to another year of hunting success and many blood trails. Also, keep submitting your stories and photos for the Deer-of-the-Year contest because time is running out.

Here’s to a successful and happy 2013!