Iowa Hunter Harvests Two Monster Bucks with a Wasp Broadhead

Brian Skellenger is not on the Wasp pro staff, but he uses Wasp broadheads because he likes the way the fixed-blade broadheads are easy to tune and fly like field tips.

“I actually have several ‘sponsors,’ and am a factory shooter for Ben Pearson bows, but I support products I believe in, not for free or discounted products,” said Skellenger.

Skellenger has been shooting the Wasp Boss fixed-blade broadhead for a long time. If fact, in 2006 he took a buck scoring 198 4/8" with the same model broadhead he used this past weekend to arrow another Iowa brusier. The pictures of that buck, can be seen here, but let’s get to the story of his latest trophy.

After flirting with a monster buck on trail cameras and scouting trips, Skellenger met the massive Iowa deer on hoof and in-person for the first time in the last week of October. He was surprised to encounter the buck that morning, because all the trail camera photos he had of the wary deer were taken no earlier than an hour before dark.

“I got in the stand at about 6:30 a.m,” said Skellenger. “All was quiet and nothing was moving. Then at about 9:00 a.m. there was a crash as a doe came running in from across the ravine.”

With the pre-rut phase just starting to affect the Iowa woods, Skellenger thought the doe might attract bucks looking for a breeding opportunity.

“The doe went past me and over to a pond to drink,” said Skellenger. “Then I heard another crash and looked across the timber and saw the huge buck thrashing the trees and making a scrape. He followed her path directly towards me.”

With two sets of eyeballs in the area, Skellenger reached for his bow discreetly as possible.

“I stood up, grabbed my bow and the doe picked me off,” said Skellenger. “She saw me, but she didn’t alert the buck or spook. Looking at me the whole way, she just walked by. Then she went past him into the timber.”

Skellenger thought the buck would continue trailing the doe and his opportunity would be lost, but something in the air must have told the monster deer that an affair wasn’t going to happen that morning as he ignored the passing doe.

“The buck turned and headed to the pond for a drink,” said Skellenger. “He stopped to sniff another tree at 15 yards, and I let the Wasp Boss tipped arrow fly.”

The shot was only 15 yards, but Skellenger was high in the tree overlooking a ravine. He threaded his broadhead and arrow perfectly through the vitals of the deer from his steep-angled perch. The broadhead sunk deep into shoulder, through the heart and a lung before stopping on the backside of the left rear leg bone.

“All I could see was the vanes on my arrow on the entry side of the deer, and the broadhead on the exit side,” said Skellenger. “The buck ran 50 yards, stopped in some tall grass then stumbled and crashed. The damage to the lung and heart was amazing.”

The meat processors at the local butcher in the Southwestern Iowa town said it was the biggest bodied deer they had seen in a while. The estimated score on this buck is mid 170’s with 13" G-2s and 11 1/2" G-3s and a 19 1/2" inside spread.

With his buck tag filled, Skellenger has some new Z-Force mechanical broadheads he is looking forward to try on some does. We will let you know what happens on those hunts.