Kill Story iowa
Flag Location: Iowa
Horn Trophy Game: Deer
Target Product Used: Jak-Knife

Iowa Whitetail Stung by Wasp Jak-Knife

By: Admin

On November 8th 2016 I harvested this Iowa Whitetail buck in Southern Iowa on public ground. Around 9:00 am I started rattling at a buck I could see off in the distance. Out of nowhere, this buck popped out of the bedding area I was positioned next to, looking for a fight. The buck was headed my way, until he picked up my scent (he was downwind) at 40 yards. Not offering a shot for the next few minutes, the opportunity finally presented itself at 45 yards. Taking the shot, I knew that I had hit the buck as he headed back through the tall grass towards the cedars. I went to check for blood, and was shocked when I couldn’t find the immense blood trail, the WASP Jak-Knifes normally produce. Well that all made sense when I saw the mature Iowa Whitetail only 20 yards from where he was when I shot him. WASP broadheads are the best around. I would never trust any other broadhead other than that made by WASP when taking a shot at that distance. The broadheads are light, accurate, and super durable as the same Jak-Knife I used to harvest this buck was used to harvest two does earlier in the season (and even now that same Jak-Knife is still in perfect shape).

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