State Record Tom with Wasp Archery Jak Hammer
Flag Location: Iowa
Horn Trophy Game: Turkey
Target Product Used: Jak-Hammer 1-3/4″

State Record Tom with Wasp Jak-Hammer

By: Jennifer Pudenz

Opening morning of Iowa’s 2019 spring turkey season, Jennifer Pudenz, founder and editor of ADVENTURESS magazine, was excited to not only harvest her biggest overall tom, but with a score of 95.9375, to also now have the Best Overall Iowa Turkey by a Female Hunter (any weapon), 2nd Best Overall Eastern taken with a Bow by a Female Hunter (nationally) and 4th Best Overall Iowa Turkey taken with a Bow (male or female) on record! Jennifer has harvested 22 turkeys with a bow so far and has trusted Wasp Jak-Hammer broadheads with the kill for years! Watch this hunt at

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