Two Wasp broadheads, two downed birds
Flag Location: Pennsylvania
Horn Trophy Game: Turkey
Target Product Used: Boss 3 Blade

Two Wasp broadheads, two downed birds

By: Jim

Jim and Katie hunt public land in PA and do not use tent blinds. They were proud to share their recent bow-killed turkeys with us.

Jim shot his with a 100-grain 3-blade Boss at 20 yards over decoys. The 19 pound, 9″ bearded gobbler went about 10 yards before it dropped.

Katie’s bird was also 19 pounds with a 9″ beard, but dropped dead in his tracks. He was shot with a Wasp 75-grain Hammer from 45 yards out.

According to Jim, “We only shoot Wasp broadheads, best available!”

Thanks, Jim. Congrats on your successful hunt!

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