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Making the switch to a 125-grain broadhead

Feb 20, 2019

For many years, 100-grain broadheads have essentially been the industry standard when equipping arrows. They provide a good amount of speed behind a shot, but can often be lacking in momentum and penetration at the point of impact. A heavier broadhead has a number of advantages that can provide you with a more lethal shot in the field and help take home some larger game. Here are the main reasons you should switch to a 125-grain broadhead and everything to consider when doing so.


FOC stands for front of center and represents the percentage of your arrow’s total weight that is located in the broadhead end of the arrow. More weight means the more forward an arrow’s center of balance is and the higher its FOC will be. This affects flight and penetration, the first of which is especially important on long-range shots or on shots with a low poundage bow. An FOC between 10 and 15 percent is typically recommended by most arrow manufacturers, but bumping it up to 20 percent will provide you with more penetration.

KE and momentum

The two key factors in your arrow’s flight and penetration are kinetic energy (KE) and momentum. KE is the energy your arrow has due to its speed, while momentum is the amount of force it has when it reaches the target. Speed is a top concern among bowhunters, but it shouldn’t be everything. Penetration is paramount, especially when hunting larger game. A lightweight arrow with a low FOC has a higher KE but lower momentum, meaning it will fly faster but won’t penetrate as well. A heavier arrow with a high FOC has a lower KE but more momentum and thus deeper penetration. The benefit of a heavier broadhead and of a higher FOC is that it is more effective in turning high KE into high momentum.


Making changes to the FOC of your arrow will have a slight impact on your arrow’s trajectory, but the difference only becomes a major concern at long distances. Within 30 yards, the difference is minor and you’ll be able to increase both your KE and penetration with a heavier broadhead without causing much change to your flight path. Higher FOC also means less impact from the wind, while a low FOC can cause the arrow to fly unpredictably and miss your target. The deeper penetration of a heavier broadhead allows a bit more room for error in accuracy, as well, resulting in lung or bone passthroughs where a lighter broadhead would stop dead or bounce off the target.

Other ways to add weight

In addition to equipping a 125-grain broadhead or heavier, there are a few other ways to increase the weight of your arrow. Fletching, nocks, and inserts can all be utilized to meet the specs you want depending on your specific hunt and target. A heavier arrow leads to a better blood trail in most cases, and will help you track down your target more easily.

Make the switch to a 125-grain Wasp broadhead

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