Mechanical or Fixed-Blade Broadhead for Turkey Hunting?

Engage in any broadhead discussions, whether online or at the local archery shop, and you are likely to hear the raging debate on which broadhead is the best for killing a turkey? A mechanical broadhead or a fixed-blade broadhead?

As makers of both the ultimate fixed-blade and mechanicals broadheads, we know the issue is not black-and-white. There is a lot of gray factors, such as draw weight (this is usually not an issue on turkey, but it is on big game animals), how well your bow is tuned, and even experiences (good or bad) with different broadheads in the past.

It’s clear, however, that a Wasp fixed or expandable broadhead will kill a turkey quickly when it hits the kill zones accurately. That said, the large cutting diameters featured on our Z-Force (1 5/8” cutting diameter) and Jak-Hammer broadheads (1 ¾” cutting diameter) is a little bit of insurance for making a lethal shot when it comes to hitting the small vitals of a turkey. Also, mechanical broadheads, by design, fly more like field points, so even if your bow is slightly out of tune, you may not notice any accuracy issues when you switch from a field point to broadhead. On the other hand, a fixed-blade broadhead can magnify the issues of a poorly tuned bow, but if your bow is tuned well, Wasp fixed-blade broadheads will fly as true as field points. Consider the cutting diameter and the setup of your bow when choosing the best broadhead for turkey hunting.

Often, the larger cutting diameter is not enough to get fixed-blade enthusiasts to switch to an expandable broadhead. Why would they? Many have been shooting the Wasp HammerBossBullet and SharpShooter for years with great results. Or, they have had bad experiences with the poor designs and inferior manufacturing that plagues our competitor’s expandable broadheads.

Having confidence in what you are shooting is important when it comes to the mental part of bowhunting. You can be confident that a Wasp broadhead will perform when shot from a well-tuned bow. You do your part at the range, and our broadheads will do theirs in the field – no matter if you are shooting a fixed-blade or mechanical broadhead. We guarantee it.