New Broadheads at the 2014 ATA Show

Wasp Archery unveiled two new products at the 2014 ATA Trade Show in Nashville, Tenn. Bowhunters looking for the best fixed-blade broadheads should be pleased with the new Drone. Wasp Archery also entered the fish head market with a new bowfishing point, the Talon.

Wasp Drone

Wasp Archery Products changed the face of bowhunting with the world’s first replaceable-blade broadhead in 1972 and continues to improve on their legendary broadhead designs with the release of the Wasp Drone – an all steel constructed fixed-blade broadhead.

“Utilizing a solid-steel ferrule allowed us to reduce the surface area of the Drone, while preserving its toughness,” said Zach Weaver, broadhead designer at Wasp Archery Products. “The result is a more compact and better penetrating broadhead with the same toughness Wasp broadheads are known for.”

The 100-grain Drone sports three .027” stainless-steel blades, which, when combined with Wasp’s exclusive Stainless Smart Tip (SST), make for a deadly recipe. The tough-as-nails tip roars through bone and cartilage, creating a straight cutting path for the blades to follow, leaving devastation in the wake of its 1-1/8” cutting diameter.

The solid-steel ferrule of the Drone allows for greater precision in the manufacturing process and delivers unsurpassed results in accuracy and penetration with the legendary reputation of Wasp’s blades, durability and American-made craftsmanship. It’s a lethal combination when threaded on the end of a hunter’s arrow. The new Drone broadheads are now available here. Suggested retail price for a three-pack of broadheads, including two sets of replacement blades is $29.99.

Wasp "Talon" Fish Head

Wasp Archery, the longest established broadhead manufacturer in the U.S., enters the growing bowfishing market with the release of the Talon – a stainless-steel fish point featuring quick-release barbs for easy removal and less mess.

“Wasp looks forward to bringing the quality of our broadheads to those passionate about bowfishing,” said Zach Weaver, broadhead designer at Wasp Archery Products. “The Talon will get the job done with a speed and toughness that will impress even the most critical of bowfishers.”

Earning its name, the Talon features three .062” stainless-steel blades which fold back in flight for better accuracy and penetration through water and fish. Once pressure is applied on retrieval, the blades open to grab the fish and hold reliably. With a simple 30-degree turn of the ferrule, the quick-release mechanism disengages the lock and the blades fold forward for a cleaner and quicker release of fish, allowing for faster reload time with less hassle.

For greater durability, even in harsh saltwater environments, the Talon is constructed of 100 percent stainless-steel. Its trocar tip achieves the penetration and strength Wasp broadheads are known for having. The Talon has a suggested retail price of $15.99, and will also be available in a kit which includes a white 5/16” fiberglass arrow shaft featuring a Bohning Legend nock and a pre-drilled hole for use with safety slides for $21.99.